Data reselling business secrets & strategies to make huge money daily.

Let me quickly give you the hidden secrets and strategies that will help you to kickstart and boost your data reselling business in under 20 minutes. I won’t take your time, this post is just a few words.

I will try my best not to use big grammars, after all, it is not a university textbook and you and I know that Na Naija We dey.

Data Reselling business is a sure business that you can do anywhere using your smartphone.

It doesn’t require a huge amount of money to start.

I don’t like hyping things. 

Before we proceed, just check this screenshot below first.

Data reselling business

You see e? Always sell something that people will wake you up by 12 midnight when they need it. 

The truth is that we need to access the internet.  

Data reselling is now a lucrative business. It is a side hustle that people will thank you after you sell to them.

But wait; 

How can you start data reselling business without capital? 

In case you have started this business already, how can you make more profit?

Where can you buy from and still make profit?

How can you get customers?

Which platform will respond to you if you have issues?

Don’t worry, I will show you everything. Be calming down now!

Knowledge is power and it will become more powerful daily. If you don’t get the right information, you will fail at last. 

I will show you everything you need to know in order to get started. I will also reveal the secrets and strategies behind this business.

Telecom is the new oil.

I don’t preach what I don’t do, I will guide you based on my experience.

The first is to choose a reliable vtu platform to use for your business.

The platform should be fast in responding to issues, reliable and deliver fast. And probably the data should be very cheap. I will recommend you use (We also have an app on playstore)

Jaratel Technologies is VTU company registered under Corporate Affairs Commission  (RC. 7080847) to offer digital services which include Bill payment, Instant recharge of Airtime, Data Bundle and  lots more.

Click here to sign up on Jaratel for free before we continue if you have not signed up yet. Click here to download our app from playstore.

In case you are totally new to the data reselling business, let me quickly introduce you officially.

If you are already into the business please scroll down a little and continue reading from there.

This is how data reselling business works.

1. Sign up on any VTU APP: I will recommend that you choose wisely, so that you won’t get scammed or fall victim to apps with bad customer support. 

I will also show you how to avoid scam VTU platforms later in this book

2.Fund your wallet: On the VTU app you have signed up for earlier, you have to deposit money. You can deposit the exact amount they are selling on the VTU platform while charging your own customer extra money. 

You can also choose to deposit like 3k ahead so that once your customer requests data, you won’t have to fund your wallet again and again.

3.Buy data for your customer: Now it is time to tell people that you can sell data to them at a cheaper rate than what they have been buying before. 

Once you get a customer, check the price they are selling the data on the platform you signed up for and add like 70 to 100 naira profit on every 1GB then ask your customer to pay you. 

Now  login to the VTU APP and enter the person number where required. Boom! The person will receive the data and you will be charged on the app too.

Let me be more practical. Mr A needs cheap data and you are a data reseller, all you have to do is to charge him and buy the data for him through the VTU app. 

Where is your profit? 

Don’t forget that you will charge the person higher amount than the price you are buying. E.g, if the VTU app is selling 1GB for N225, you can be selling to your customer for #300. It is just as simple as that.

Good! We can now move together. Let’s delve into the secrets and strategies like I promised earlier.

How to get massive customers for your data reselling business.

It is simple. If you own a physical shop, POS stand or not, you can still get enough customers.

Secret Number 1: Offer fast service and your existing customers will refer you to their colleagues

This Data reselling business is just like any other business you know. Make sure you treat your customers well and they will refer others to you.

I wanted to start by telling you to market aggressively, but I know within myself that even though you market your business well, you may still not get customers on a long run if you don’t treat them like a customer.

Look! You are not the only person reselling data online or in your area, if you delay in sending data when they need it, they will look for another person who is ready to offer fast service. 

That is just it! 

Money moves with speed.

Secret Number 2: Market shamelessly and watch customers rushing to buy from you.

The thing there is that you don’t need to be shy of what you are selling

Sell shamelessly!

That is the key.  

If you own a POS stand or a small shop, put a notice outside (Banner or anything) with your data prices written on it. 

Also, having a physical store should not stop you from posting regularly on social media.

Don’t be shy when it comes to business.

Post what you sell and sell shamelessly.

If you are a student or someone who don’t own a physical shop, you are not left behind

Start with people that already know you. I mean people that already trust you.

They are viewing your whatsapp status, they are around you. 

These people are your friends or family members. 

Sell to them. 

Make sure they know that you are selling data bundle.

I don talk my own o!

If you can’t sell to people around you that already trust you, how can you convince a total stranger?

I will repeat, don’t be shy when it comes to business. 

That is LIFE.

The simple strategy you need in your data reselling business.

#First strategy: Be consistent

I keep saying this, if you’re not consistent you can’t succeed at anything. 

It may not be easy at first. You may not understand the system at first. Many things may come in between.

I know! Just keep selling!

This strategy applies to any business. I mean the one you are already doing before, even this data reselling business and any other business you will do in the future.

Consistency is the key

It is called business, don’t expect everything to flow at once, like every other business; customers may insult you for problems that are not from you.

#Second strategy: Don’t sell on credit

Don’t sell on credit; it will kill your business.

Some customers will be like “send the data before I pay”

Let them know that you are going to use their payment to process the transaction. 

Yes. I don’t care who the person is, make sure you get paid first.

 If you agree to sell on credit, then you should know that you are dashing the person the data already.

Until you get paid, you actually send the data for free. It is as simple as that.

Let me tell you something, the same people that buy from you on credit may have a sure plug somewhere that they don’t even owe at all. 

Once you agree to sell on credit, they will only remember you when they want to buy on credit. 

Do you get it now?

If they complain they are out of data, tell them to get someone to hotspot them. It is as serious as that.

Let me leave the rest for you! I believe you will know your customer better than me, if the person has a good record, you can try selling to the person. But for me, No. 


Hmm. Don’t get scammed. It is not easy out there. Scammers have taken over the market and many fake VTU platforms are rising with speed. 

You don’t have to panic though. 

I will show you some red flags and how to know a legit platform you can use for your data reselling business.

The first thing is to check their reviews on the playstore. If they are scammers, some of the persons that have been scammed already leave a review of their experience.

Number two is to look at their prices. If they sell extremely cheaply, you need to think twice.  Most of the scam platforms I have seen started by selling below the price margin.

How to choose the right VTU Platform for your data reselling business

Thank God you made it here! Try to take a cup of zobo and chill. 

One thing you need to know is that your success in data reselling business heavily relies on the platform you are using to sell this data.

If they don’t reply fast when you have an issue, you will have problems with your customer.

Don’t forget that you are the one selling directly to people around you. 

The pressure will be too much on you if you encounter an issue and there is no one to resolve it fast. 

Choose wisely. 

Before you run to where they are selling at extremely cheap prices, try and contact them and see if they will be online to respond.

You may not understand this until it happens to you. 

Thirdly, look for a platform that does not add hidden charges. One thing that is common with these VTU platforms is hidden charges. 

Aside from that, some will even charge you 50 Naira whenever you transfer to your wallet. 

I am not saying bank charges should not be there but I personally hate it. 

This is why you need to choose ( No hidden charges or any 50 Naira transfer charges. 

If you transfer 5000, you will meet 5000 exactly on your wallet. has one of the fastest customer support agents that are always available to assist. )

How can you avoid losing money in data reselling business?

The first warning is to look at the numbers very well to avoid making mistakes. 

The second advice is to stop selling on credit like I said earlier. 

That’s all I got for now????

I am Mr Promise From (One of the most active staff)

I will be your best friend behind the scenes on JaraTel. I am very friendly, simple and funny at the same time.